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5 Amazing and Inspiring Ecommerce Websites Designs to Take a Look At

Looking for an inspiration for your new ecommerce project? Look no further and take a look at these 5 amazing ecommerce websites designs!


Designing an ecommerce website is a big deal. The design of your website is what attracts visitors and what motivates people to purchase online in the first place. If your ecommerce websites design is poor, you can’t expect the visitors to stay on your site, take a look at the products or services you offer or buy something.

However, choosing the right design is not so easy. There are simply so many options available, making it really hard to pick one and go with it.

In order to help you, we’ve decided to choose a few amazing and inspiring ecommerce websites designs that will motivate and stimulate your creativity.

  1. Simply Chocolate – This is a chocolate company from Copenhagen, Denmark and once you’ll open their website you will realize that it is a fun and vibrant website design which gives each and every product a space to shine.
  2. Kvell – This is a homeware brand from Canada and their website is truly a thing of simplicity and beauty. You will notice that the homepage showcase each range in situ, with the user navigating through by clicking right on the horizontal scrollbar. The bold typography, the bright colors, and the balanced product images make this collection and all of the products a joy to explore.
  3. Nordstrom – For a website with a large and diverse range of products, from furniture to fashion to kitchenware – the real challenge is to ensure the users can find the product they are looking for. The secret of ecommerce websites design is its amazing product filtering options. The visitors can narrow down their search as much as they prefer by using further filters showcased down the left-hand side.
  4. The Practical Man – Another great website design that will inspire you. Unlike many ecommerce websites, the design you will see here is consistent throughout – the information and details on individual product pages are separated into a specific and defined grid.
  5. A Book Apart – This website, instead of relying on beautiful photos to sell their products, they use block-color covers to display their series of brief books for potential people who make websites.

Make sure to check out all of these 5 websites and we promise you that you will find your inspiration.


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